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In our experience, when working with business owners many aren’t protected against unforeseen risks to their company such as the death of a key member of staff, a co-owner or shareholder or their own absence from the business due to a long-term serious illness or injury.

Effective Business Protection policies could make the difference between a company imploding or ceasing to trade should the worst happen.

When considering investing in Business Protection policies, we advise you think of the following:

  • Who will take control of the business should you or a co-owner become ill or unable to work?
  • How will the business operate in the absence of a key member of staff?
  • What happens to the shares of a shareholder upon their death - how are the family looked after and the business protected?

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Shareholder Protection - protecting the ownership of your business

Shareholder Protection covers your business should one of your co-owners or shareholders die unexpectedly. In the event of this happening, the use of life and critical illness cover allows the surviving shareholders to purchase the remaining shares in the business. This supports the continuity of the business and helps the family of the deceased as they receive a lump sum for the shares at an agreed valuation.

Key Person Insurance - covering your busines for unexpected long term illness

Have you considered what would happen to your business if a key member of your company was unable to work due to long term serious illness?

Imagine if you lost 10% - 25% of the operational capability of your business. How would you manage and survive?

Key Person Insurance covers your business financially in the event of this happening. When a key member of staff is diagnosed with a long term illness the business is covered financially to bring in replacement staff and ensure the continuity of the business.

In smaller businesses, losing a key member of staff could seriously impact the viability of the business to continue.

Relevant Life policy - covering your staff and their families in the event of the unexpected

Business Protection is more than just protecting the business against the loss of shareholders and key members to illness and death. It’s about providing cover for the families of your staff, their peace of mind and more.

Relevant life cover is a tax efficient personal life insurance paid for by the business. Cover can be taken out for any employee within the company on an individual basis.

Relevant Life cover is used to personally protect loved ones and doesn’t count towards the employees lifetime pension allowance.

Loan Protection

In the event of a significant change within the business, such as long term illness or the death of a key member of staff, the operational viability of the business could be impacted. Loans and other forms of finance may become hard to cover putting the viability of the business at risk.

A Loan Protection policy can be implemented to protect your company should any debts become challenging to pay.

Additionally, when agreeing finance with a lender, Loan Protection can also be used to protect their investment and can be a requirement of the transaction.

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We work with a range of customers at different stages of their business journey.

Our skilled Business Protection consultants are experienced working with:

  • Prudent company directors, owners and shareholders seeking to safeguard their businesses
  • New businesses looking to get protected from the start and secure the long term viability of their company
  • Companies looking to provide a range of benefits to their staff and key employees

We work with a range of customers at different stages of their business journey.

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