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Retirement planning and advice

Creating an investment plan for the retirement you deserve

Retirement Planning

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What we do

The importance of planning for your retirement has never been greater. Getting the right advice from independent financial advisers is essential to help you meet and maintain your income needs throughout your retirement.

Whether you are pre-retirement, at the point of retirement or currently in retirement one of our specialist advisers is on hand to talk you through the options that best fit your financial means and desires for your retirement.

Saving towards your retirement - experienced financial advisers and retirement planning specialists

Saving towards your retirement - experienced financial advisers and retirement planning specialists. Consistent saving and investing for your retirement is one of the more crucial financial challenges faced by most people we work with. Our experienced, retirement and financial planners will provide you with robust advice in a number of areas including:

  • Pensions - personal, stakeholder, company, self invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and drawdown
  • Making use of your annual allowance, and steering you through the confusing tapered annual allowance for high earners
  • Making additional pension contributions using pension carry forward
  • Assessing your pension against the lifetime allowance tax charge
  • Using other savings and investments, such as ISAs, funds, property, equities and more
  • Making certain your hard earned savings and money are being held in high-quality investments

In addition to pensions, there are many ways that people can fund their retirement - other investments such as shares, property investments and more. If you’re at the point of considering your estate and inheritance tax bill then have look at our inheritance tax and estate planning service.

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Retirement planning - how we do it for you

There are 3 core stages to retirement:

Pre retirement

At this stage we will help you plan for the financial future and retirement you deserve. We’ll also work alongside you to understand your long term plan, the retirement you seek and make smart choices and recommendations based on your own unique circumstances. By looking at the assets you currently have, the length of retirement you seek and the lifestyle you desire, our retirement planning experts will set you on the path to your dream retirement.

At retirement

If you’re approaching retirement age, or are looking to retire we consider this being ‘at retirement’. If this is you, speak to one of our experienced experts about how to make your retirement as tax efficient as possible, the assets you have, and the lifestyle you desire.

We’ll help you to maximise your income over your period of retirement and will also consider the longer term - inheritance tax planning and the potential for a requirement for long term care.

In retirement

If you’re at this stage of retirement it’s likely you’ll be focusing on making your money last for the rest of your lifetime. You may well be thinking about your financial legacy - leaving your money to your loved ones, supporting any dependents and possibly the provision for long term care. There are various strategies that cover these areas and one of our experienced retirement planners is on hand to advise and support you through the process.

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